Dungeon Master Prep Checklist


  • Review module introduction and background sections.

  • Review module chapters for relevant areas.

    • Take outline or notes of relevant module areas. Optionally include the following:

      • Point of Interest notes:

        • Box Text

        • Description/History

        • Key Features

        • Treasure

        • NPC’s

      • NPC notes:

        • What do they provide?

        • What do they want?

        • What are their driving factors?

    • Monster Stat Blocks, print or copy the stat blocks of all relevant monsters, or bookmark the proper sections of your monster manual.

    • Create likely encounter sheets.

  • Review previous session notes.

  • Play materials:

    • Maps

    • DM Screen and/or additions

    • Pen + Paper

    • Miniatures

    • Dice

    • Map Markers

    • Item 4×6 cards – These can be blank cards that you pen in item descriptions when you want to hand out loot or objective items so that you always know who is carrying what.

  • Cheat Sheets

    • Character Sheets – the first page of each character sheet, as well as the complete character sheets.

    • Quick Reference

    • List of Random NPC Names

    • The If/Then List – An expanding list of significant encounters that may affect future encounters.

  • References


An excellent Reddit thread on the topic.


Author: Nate O'Brien

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